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Meetings in 2009

There are no meetings scheduled at the moment.

The purpose of the information meetings

There are many vacancies for well-qualified and experienced specialists in hospitals and general practice in the UK, but it can be very difficult to make successful applications, and too many applicants fail in the attempt, and are disappointed and frustrated.

Now, however, specialists who want to work in the UK can be given help in applying for medical licences and in obtaining good jobs. 

Christopher Hawgood is an Englishmen who lives in Copenhagen; during the past three years, he has recruited about 30 Polish specialists to work in Danish hospitals.

Many foreign-trained doctors (several hundred!) have asked Christopher Hawgood to help them to find jobs, and so, in collaboration with colleagues in England, Christopher Hawgood has started recruiting specialists to work for hospitals and as general practitioners in the UK.

To do this recruitment successfully, Christopher Hawgood and his colleagues are offering to help suitably-qualified specialists to obtain medical licences and to make applications for suitable jobs. The main purpose these information meetings is to give more detailed information about the help and support which Christopher Hawgood will provide.

An outline of the help and support

The help will be provided in several linked steps:

1. Each doctor’s qualifications and experience will be assessed, and the applicants will be told whether there is a realistic possibility of obtaining a suitable job in the UK;

2. In addition to the assessment of qualifications and experience, suitable candidates will be invited to a preliminary interviews;

3. Each candidate who is suitably-qualified will be given help and support in creating a high-quality dossier, which will contain the documentary evidence which is needed for obtaining a medical license to work in the UK;

4. At the appropriate time, each suitably-qualified candidate will be provided with support in making an application for a medical licence, including obtaining registration as a specialist;

5. Based on the contents of the dossier, each suitably-qualified candidate will be provided with advice about which types of job-vacancies are most suitable (it is very important to apply for jobs at the appropriate level in the British medical system – neither too high nor too low);

6. Each suitably-qualified doctor’s level of English language will be tested, and help will be arranged for those who need to improve their English–language communications skills to the required level;

7. Short training courses will be arranged to help doctors perform well in job-interviews;

8. When applicants are ready for work in the UK, they will be helped in making applications to hospitals and other employers who have specific suitable job-vacancies;

9. When applicants are invited for interviews for specific job-vacancies in the UK, Christopher Hawgood will provide advice and support about the interview-process, so that the candidate will have the best foundation for securing a good job.

The cost of the help and support

Christopher Hawgood will not charge a fee to doctors who are provided with this help, and doctors will be fully-informed in advance about any costs if they are going to be asked to pay a contribution (for English language courses, for example). 

Language skills

Although a formal English exam is not required, in order to secure a good medical job in the UK, it is necessary for a doctor to have good language-skills.

Who is being invited to the information-meetings?

To these information-meetings, we are inviting doctors who, on the evidence we have so far, appear to be possible candidates for jobs in Great Britain. 

However, we wish to make it clear that these information-meetings are only concerned with job-opportunities in Great Britain; the meetings will not be useful to doctors who wish to apply for jobs in Denmark, but not Great Britain.

Who will be provided with help and support?

Christopher Hawgood is recruiting specialists to fill job-vacancies in specialities in which there are substantial shortages of suitable doctors in the UK; applicants must be fully-qualified and experienced specialists; we do not recruit junior doctors, and we do cannot provide help for partly-qualified specialists unless they are expected to become fully-qualified (CCT or equivalent) specialists in the very near future.

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