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Consultants in Oncology and Radiotherapy (Job ref. ONC67DK)

Location: West Denmark.

We have a client who is interested in recruiting several Consultant Oncologists and Consultant Radiotherapists.

The hospital treats some 23,000 in-patients per annum, and around 98,000 out-patients. It offers highly specialised functions for the enitre region. The Oncology Department includes investigation, non-surgical treatment and check-ups of cancer patients. The treatment of patients at the Oncology Department consists of medical, radiotherapy and palliative treatment and respite care.

The haematological unit consists of investigation, treatment and check-ups of both malignant and benign diseases in bone marrow and similar tissues. Haematological treatment includes regular medical treatment, chemo-therapy and x-ray and radioactive treatment as well as respite care.

The Department of Medical Physics is responsible for the planning X-ray and radiotherapy treatments, and it operates the accelerators.   

The town is a seaport situated on the east coast of Denmark’s Jutland peninsula. It is conveniently located on one of the main railway- and motorway-routes, and it is not far from Aarhus, which is Denmark’s second largest city. The frequent train service takes a little over 2 hours to Copenhagen.   

The town is a major regional centre for administration, education, culture, commerce, shopping, and light industry. The town and its surrounding county are one of the most prosperous parts of Denmark, which itself has one of the highest per capita incomes in the world.

The town is set in an attractive area of wooded valleys and rich farmland, and within easy travelling distance, there are many places to visit for their historical or cultural value. Also, the area has excellent opportunities for a wide range of sporting and recreational activities.



Please note it is important that all applicants have a good level of spoken English for jobs in the UK.

If you are interested in applying for a position, or you just wish to submit your CV for consideration for future positions, please click here to email a full CV, giving detailed information about your education, training, clinical skills and experience (or we will email you a blank CV form to fill out upon request).

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