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Please quote the job reference number in all correspondence with us.



Location: North-west Denmark.

Two ophthalmologists are required by a public-sector hospital in the north-west of Denmark. Competence in cataract and eyelid surgery is essential, and experience in retinal-separation procedures would also be useful.

The hospital would prefer to employ ophthalmologists on longer-term contracts (12 months, or longer), but it is willing to consider alternative arrangements, such as a series of pre-planned rotations. The overall aim is to increase the capacity for eye-surgery at the hospital, and it is willing to be flexible about how this is achieved.

The hospital, Sygehus Thy-Mors, is a small (140 bed) public-sector district general hospital, based in Thisted, which is a small and friendly town (population 13,000) 100 kilometres west of Aalborg, in the North Jutland Region of Denmark. The Eye Department covers the County of Viborg with a population of ca. 225,000 persons.

The Department is the surgical centre for Hospital-based Eye Surgery in the region. As such, the activity of the Department is primarily based on the surgery of both anterior and posterior segments, which includes:-

  • Cataract surgery
  • Glaucoma surgery
  • Squint surgery
  • Ophthalmic-plastic surgery
  • General ophthalmic surgery
  • Lacrymal surgery
  • Laser treatment of anterior and posterior disorders
  • Surgical treatment of posterior segment disorders

The Eye Department also provides medico-surgical assistance for the inter-connected facilities of the Hospital (e.g. Medicine, Surgery and Casualty Departments).

The majority of patient treatments, including operations, are based on out-patient procedures, although there does exist the possibility for patient admission, either on a ward or in the patient hotel.

The working principle of the department is based on the fact that the same doctor follows the same patient throughout the whole procedure, i.e. clerking, operation and discharge.

The hospital has a range of the main medical and surgical specialities, and it provides secondary-level healthcare to a largely rural area.

Over the past six years, Christopher Hawgood has recruited some 14 specialist doctors for the hospital, Sygehus Thy-Mors, and it has now commissioned him to find the two ophthalmologists which it now needs.

Thisted is located beside the Limfjord, the inland sea, in a peaceful and beautiful part of North Jutland, and close to the North Sea coast. There are excellent opportunities for sailing, bird-watching, cycling, and walking.

Click here for Thy Turist Bureau's website.

Doctors who are interested in this opportunity are invited to contact Christopher Hawgood by e-mail (chris@hawgood.org) or by telephone (UK number 0845 868 3619, or Danish number +45 44957466) for an initial talk about the jobs.



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Please quote the job reference number in all correspondence with us.

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