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1.   Policy Statement

Christopher Hawgood recognises its staff as being fundamental to its success. A strategic and professional approach to the recruitment process helps to enable us to attract and appoint staff with the necessary skills and attributes to fulfill our strategic aims, and support the company’s values.

Christopher Hawgood is committed to ensuring that the recruitment and selection of staff is conducted in a manner that is systematic, efficient, effective, and which promotes equality of opportunity.

Recruitment should be treated as an essential public relations exercise, since the way it is managed affects Christopher Hawgood's image, and consequently his ability to attract and appoint high calibre staff for Danish and British hospitals.

This policy has been designed to provide a flexible framework which promotes good practice, which adopts a proactive approach to equality and diversity issues, and which supports fully Christopher Hawgood's core business. 

2.    Scope

This policy applies not only to the recruitment and selection of candidates by Christopher Hawgood for vacancies within the Danish and British healthcare system, but also when employing members of our own staff.

All employees involved at any stage in the recruitment and selection of staff or candidates should be aware of and adhere to this policy.

In addition, any potential employers, external consultants, or external experts who assist in the recruitment process must act in accordance with this policy. Christopher Hawgood is responsible for providing such external parties with this policy prior to their involvement in the recruitment process.

3.    Aims 

· To appoint the best person for each position; 

· To ensure equality of opportunity for all applicants;

· To ensure compliance with Christopher Hawgood's Equal Opportunities Policy and relevant employment legislation;

· To promote Christopher Hawgood's values;

· To meet Christopher Hawgood's operational requirements and strategic aims.

4.   General Principles

All employees and third parties involved in the recruitment process, particularly including hospital selection committees, should ensure that they are aware of their responsibilities under the relevant legislation. Christopher Hawgood aims to secure equality of opportunity in all our activities, and in this respect all parties involved should maintain a positive attitude towards equality of employment.

If a party involved in the recruitment process has a business, a close personal or family relationship with an applicant they must declare this to Christopher Hawgood as soon as they are aware of the individuals’ application. It would normally be necessary for the member of staff or external party to avoid any involvement in the recruitment and selection process.

· Documentation relating to applicants will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and in accordance with the Danish Processing of Personal Data Act (Act No.429 of 31 May 2000). Applicants will have the right to feedback and to access any documentation held on them in accordance with this act.

5.   Selection Process

The selection process should be:

·         Transparent

·         Timely and cost effective

·         Equitable

·         Free from conflict of interest

All recruitment to specific job-vacancies will normally be based on agreed job descriptions and person specifications. Recruitment and selection must be conducted as an evidence-based process and candidates should be assessed against agreed selection criteria, based on relevant knowledge, skills, competencies, experience and qualifications to perform the role as outlined in the person specification. All decisions must be recorded.  

Short listing must be undertaken by at least two individuals who are involved in the interviewing process. Interviews should normally be conducted by at least two people, and all interviews for one post must be conducted by the same people. In order to promote equality of opportunity, selection committees should, wherever possible, be of mixed race and gender composition.

Any skills-tests (such as language-ability) must be directly related to the job-requirements and measured against objective criteria, and presentations for one post must be assessed by the same persons. Candidates must be notified of the details of any skills test when they are invited for interview.

Interview questions must relate to the job requirements as exemplified in the person specification and the candidate’s suitability for the position. The person specification should be used as the basis for determining the interview questions.

The choice of appointee will be determined by the majority view of the interviewers.

6.   The Employment Contract

Offers of employment are conditional upon receipt of satisfactory references, medical assessment, and any other appropriate checks.

7.    Policy Review

Reviewing and monitoring will be vital in ensuring that Christopher Hawgood's Recruitment Policy is working effectively. Therefore, the policy will be reviewed at least annually; Christopher Hawgood guarantees that information gathered for the purposes of reviewing this policy will only be used for monitoring, and will be protected from misuse.

Christopher Hawgood,
10 November 2003

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