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Christopher Hawgood is a 67 year old Englishman who lives in Bagsværd, near Copenhagen in Denmark. He was born and brought up in England, and he was educated in business management and personnel management at the Oxford Brookes University. His wife is a Danish biophysicist, and he has a son aged 22, and a daughter aged 20.

Christopher Hawgood has many years of experience in healthcare management and recruitment, and works for many Danish hospitals (especially in the west of Denmark) as Recruitment Consultant and Healthcare Management Adviser. 

To contact Christopher by email click here.

Christopher Hawgood is contracted by Danish, British, Greenlandic & Faroese hospitals to recruit well-qualified and experienced specialist doctors from the EU to fill specific job-vacancies. And occasionally dental surgeons for England. In this process, no payment is made by doctors or dentists to Christopher Hawgood or to the hospitals or dental practices.

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